Band Rankholders and Committee

As a result of the AGM and Rankholder Elections held 14th November 2017, the Band's Rankholders and Management Committee are as follows: 

Rank Holders

Pipe Major Steve Ladd
Pipe Sergeant Craig Dawson
Pipe Corporal(s) Aaron Kogler,
Nicole Koenig
Pipe Lance Corporal(s) --
Drum Major Greg Turkich
Deputy Drum Major Steve Terrance
Drum Sergeant Michelle Hecker
Drum Corporal(s) Peter Zerk
Drum Lance Corporal(s) Wanda Lind

 Management Committee Members

President Peter Zerk
Vice President Greg Turkich
Secretary Carole Took
Treasurer Lee-anne Olsen
Quartermaster Wanda Lind
Assistant Quartermaster(s) Michelle Hecker, Greg Turkich
Registrar Coral Ogilvie
Committee Members

Michelle Hecker
Scott Ogilvie
Dina Kinsman
Campbell Massie

Media Liaison and
Publicity Officer

Campbell Massie

 Appointed Members

Public Officer Chris McLeod
Webmaster Peter Zerk (a/g)
Newsletter Editor  Dianne Challen