Band Tartans

CCPD players wear one of two tartans; pipers wear what is colloquially known as ' Ancient Caledonian' and drummers wear the Canberra tartan. A brief description of each is provided below:

Ancient Caledonian

Although popularly known as 'Ancient Caledonian', this tartan is identified by various tartan registration bodies as either 'Caledonia No. 155' (Scottish Tartan World Register)'Caledon' (Scottish Tartan Authority) or 'Wilson's No. 155' (Scottish Register of Tartans).

 The Canberra Tartan

This tartan was designed and produced by the band when it was formed. The Canberra tartan is predominately blue.  The dark blue background, the gold and white bands represent the blue, gold and white stars on the Canberra flag and the light blue represents the Canberra bluebell. (The entry from the Scottish Register of Tartans is provided for reference.)